Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wilfet, our prayer

Wilfet strolled in looking like he was trouble. Wilfet soon became the protector of the younger boys and took on the role of our goalie. Returning back to Haiti I found Wilfet with the same smile and energy. He plays on a soccer team and within days that I arrived in Haiti he came to me asking for money to buy a pair of cleats. I did not feel right giving money away, but I also wanted to help a friend. Instead of giving it to him; I offered him a job. To come help with the children at the camp Wednesday-Fridays. The catch was he needed the money before Wednesday so I had to let it go and have faith that he would stick to his word and come on Wednesday. Wednesday came and Wilfet arrived with a smile and helping hands. This was God's next favor to our team. Wilfet worked with the children like he was born to be a teacher. He guided them in the activities and brought energy to the sports. Sometimes Wilfet found a break and we caught him coloring, like a child. An 18 year old, who missed the opportunity to be a child, finally found the opportunity to play. One day I had the opportunity to talk with Wilfet and ask him about his family. He had lost his mother when he was young, without a father, and living with an aunt. Unfortunately, this is usually what happens in Haitian culture. Wilfet shared that he was in school and had Jesus in his heart. But I could not shake the feeling that Wilfet needed and still needs to be prayed for. Our last day of camp we sat with Wilfet and shared a prayer that he would continue to know the Lord and have a desire to seek him with all his heart. This is Wilfet. Join us in praying for him as he continues with his studies and plays forward on his soccer team. Pray that the Lord may bless his life and Wilfet will continue to seek his face.

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