Thursday, August 14, 2008


After a weekend in Fort Lauderdale we were pampered with hot showers, a comfortable bed, with silence. That was about to change. We touched down into Port-au-Prince, Haiti and immediately our patience was tested. The wind was blowing hard in Port-de-Paix and the planes were being delayed. We waited patiently for 5 hours and were finally told that we were unable to fly out. A night in Port-au-Prince. The following day we got on the earliest flight out and had another great opportunity to wait patiently at our next airport for 7 hours. We were off to a great start. I was waiting for my team to break, but it was neat to see the smiles and laughter shared as we lied sprawled out on the concrete waiting for our ride and bags to arrive. Finally, we had our 5, 50 lb bags (one never gets his/her bags the first day) (God's FAVOR) and our ride arrived. We walk to the street to find our ride. An old Toyota truck, with what looks like a flat tire, two drivers, and a truck bed that is calling our names. We load the bags and tie them down with a bungy cord and find ourselves crammed in the back bed of the truck. Through the river, over the mountains, a couple million bumps, and sore butts, my team's smiles are fading, but we made it to the little town of Passe Cataboise, Haiti

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