Saturday, August 27, 2011


So it is 2 in the morning...and I was lying in bed trying not to be angry at the sounds of worship from a church in the distance. As I was trying not to be angry I realized if you keep beat them, join them. Woke up and decided to write. While it is 2 in the morning and I am so tired I am writing with a smile. Wish you could hear this. It is so loud. The have been going for over two hours. They have not even stopped for a breath. Literally since 12 I have been waiting for them to stop and hear prayer, something else...nothing. Just going, softer then so amazingly loud it sounds like it is right outside my window. I even put my earplugs in..nothing. They worship like there is no neat. Almost want to put clothes on and head out to find the sweet sound because the energy sounds contagious.

It’s not the roosters crowing tonight, not the dogs barking, it’s the people showing complete joy and adoration for our God. Up North you will often hear the sounds of drums throughout the evening. The sounds of these drums are people coming together to practice voodoo. You often pray it stops, but somehow they continue throughout the evening. Not tonight...tonight it is the sound of a piano, guitar, and what sounds like a hundred voices that are worshiping. So while Leah is so tired, it is the sweet sound of people praising tonight in the midst of struggles that I can't even imagine. Complete adoration for a God that is bigger than our problems, bigger than our thoughts, bigger than we can imagine...rock it out is all I got to say on this Saturday night!

Love you all. Off to try and sleep with my one ear plug...but wanted to write and say thank you for being in this with us. We could not be here without you all!

And More Photos...

Life in Haiti

We took pictures at camp. Two of the best pictures. Says it all. Hanging in Haiti.

Some pictures of life in Haiti. My buddy JameLi. My home skillet hanging out with me on a Sunday afternoon. Me arm wrestling my Haitian brother. I lost..hahaha. Cooking corn in the woods with my little man Jean-Kelley. Best moment every! Boy in the yellow shirt was being a smarty pants with me. We became best friends, he always finds me now.