Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week one with SMILES

The artwork of the children that colored a cement and gray wall. It was so neat to see their minds work and create.

Balloon hats was a riot. Our team did not know what we were doing, but the children never knew.

Watching National Geographic film on a 8" inch DVD player. I think you could have heard a pin drop.

"Chat, chat, sourit, sourit," were the words cried out as the children begged for a turn at the parachute. Chat in English is cat. Sourit in English in mouse. Three mice would go under the parachute and three cats would walk on top of the parachute and look for the mice. We laughed and laughed. Everytime we brought the parachute out the first word out of each child's mouth was CHAT. This was week one with the younger children ages, 6-9. From 9-12 we would conduct the camp and on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays we would incorperate a food program that feed all 35-40 children. The first week was filled with arts and crafts. Making bracelets, paintings, crosses, balloon hats, bubbles, and face paint. We ran and jumped as we played with the jump ropes, footballs, and frisbees. We also incorperated a daily bible study. Each day we focused on a different miracle that Jesus gave to his people. One day the children shaked a blue table cloth as Caitlin, our Jesus, descended from the mountain (table) to walk across the cloth and reach for Peter's hand. We strived to make each lesson interactive and new. The first week we were on fire and full of energy. The second week folowing was a little different.

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