Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get it done! Two more days, Three More Murals...

Another amazing day, thank you Jesus. The morning started off with a meeting. During this meeting Caitlin and I got to unfold our vision and dreams for our involvement in Haiti. It infused me with energy. Caitlin and I spoke about how our hearts desires and calling is to start a home for street children, specifically boys. During this time we got to share that with one of the local leaders we have been working with. It was neat to share that conversation and dream together for Cite Soleil’s people and specifically children. It is a beautiful gift to be able to vision for Haiti. We have had the prayer that we could be more involved in Cite Soleil and specifically in the children’s lives. Been a blessing to begin to unfold that and look deeper into that vision. Had a moment today where I felt like God was saying, “Leah come back to Haiti.” Feel so alive in the streets of Haiti. This place and the people continue to amaze me and encourage me.

Worked our way into Cite Soleil and cranked it out today. As Caitlin would say, “Slinging paint.” That is exactly what we did today. Caitlin threw up a drawing and we came in with the colors. She moved to the next wall and threw up the drawing and we came behind her to add colors. She moved on to the next wall and threw up the sketch and we came along and threw up the colors. We are tired. Anyone want to come to Haiti to give a foot massage? We started three more murals and hope to be done by this Thursday. That will be five completed murals. It is coming along. Continues to be fun to talk with the people, learned Creole, and be laughed at. Today I got laughed at because I was trying to say, “Take a break,” in the foreigner way. They taught me the Haitian slang way. So they continue to mock me by saying it the foreigner way..hahah, makes me laugh. We have a good team of men pouring their effort and hearts into helping us.

Today we able to finish the second of five murals. (see below) The graffiti artist, Ado, came in to finish the sky and font. Was so neat to watch him add his skill to the mural. Been neat to share the joy of art with him. He is coming again tomorrow to help with the third mural. Tomorrow we go at it again. Caitlin and I are fried. Shoulders are burned, noses are peeling, feet are tired, but we are still smiling. The children have been laughter and joy to be around. Today I decided to sit down and chat with them. Before I knew it I had about four children crawling on me. Two playing with my hair. One scratching my back and two picking the paint off my legs. I left Cite Soleil feeling pretty grungy, but leaving with a smile. Good day.

Continue to pray for time with the people. Pray that we get all the murals done. Pray for fruitful conversation in our meetings. Pray for vision. Pray for change and redemption in Haiti. Today as I walked to the mural I walked alongside the sewer system and was full of a deep sadness as this is life for so many. Children playing but three feet from the sewer. As the stench filled my nose I could not help but think about all the “what ifs.” So many beautiful people with so many beautiful dreams and hopes. So many beautiful talents and gifts that will never be know. So many beautiful children whose minds will never know the beauty of education. But then I rounded the corner to find our crew and our dear friend’s beautiful smile and I was so encouraged to see HOPE and their joy. It is present, the HOPE, and it is contagious. Pray that hope and faith continue to be present in Cite Soleil. Pray for the people and the elections that are coming up in March. Pray for Caitlin and I as we continue our day sin Cite Soleil. Pray for safety. Pray for strength and endurance.