Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Last night

The last night I was sitting outside the hotel room. My friend just lost his mother and his church group came to sing with him and his wife. Just sat back and listened. If Jesus had a sound it would have been their voices. Some of the most beautiful harmonizing and words. They went for about twenty minutes straight and as it came to a close one by one each of them stood up and started praying out loud. Each had their own prayer, but collectively a mighty force. Hands raised and open. Such a beautiful way to end this trip. Their singing just cried FREEDOM in Christ! So thankful that God wove Haiti into my soul. This place is hard, but sweet. You can't explain it in an email or even in a conversation. The souls of the people have this unique beauty and strength. Self reflection as I head back to the states and prepare my self for the technology, the fast pace, the distraction of the news, being able to be self sufficient... I pray that my soul would be more and more free in Christ and I would be reminded to continually raise my hands and give it all to him... freedom in his light!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

More moments..

(Top to bottom: Because he is just precious. Meg getting loved on. Caitlin busting a move in the street. House visit with Wayak. Boss Ives teaching the kids how to do metal work. Hanging out. Meal time at camp. Making mask and GLITTER..they love glitter. Caitlin loved hanging out with this baby! bathtime)


(Top to bottom: Meg teaching the violin. The tree we put up in the room to teach about, "Growing Roots for Jesus." Miss. Ryna helping the 4 year old that snuck into camp. Decorative sewing. The staff throwing down. Making mask and the kids LOVE IT. Rocking it out and worshipping JEZI. Crosses in the HOUSE. Baking and this kid came READY! English class wit Leah and Lou)

Great moments

Week two… The highs of he week…. -Every year the counselors seem to get it more and more…love it! Planting seeds! -We hired two young adults to teach the boys how to play soccer. They were taking laps in their pinnies today and completing drills. -Mrs. Ryna invented a game and its called, “Passe kouchan.” (Pass the Pig) The game…we put a bunch on glitter on the pig and have the children pass it like a hot potato. The glitter is supposed to represent “germs” and the children are supposed to see how the germs pass. When the music stops, the child holding the pig has to come up and show the group how to wash his/her hands. …hahaah, sounds even funnier writing about the game! The kids LOVE it, like LOVE IT! -Watching Caitlin with her art group. She has five students come every day and she teaches them techniques to become better artist. -Miss. Megan started violin lessons today…LOVE IT! -Hearing the laugher today as the children played “Sourit and chat,” with the big parachute. (Cat and mouse) Their giggles are priceless and make it worth it. -Watching out staff FLOW! They know each other strengths and balance each other. Each staff has come to know his/her gifts and volunteers for the game/activity he/she knows they have learned! It is AWESOME!!!! IT Flows!!! -We hired two young adults to play soccer with the 6-9 year olds. I walked by today to check it out and they had them circled up and were teaching them how to head the ball! AWESOME! -The relationships…been a sweetness to see the relationships grow up and continue to take root! -We added baking as an afternoon workshop and it has been functioning so smoothly. Yesterday they taught the children to make donuts, Tuesday they made a bread croissant. It is fun to watch them work with the children. They write the recipe on the board and they throw down. They knead the dough on a rock, put together the ingredients on a dirty table, and cook it over charcoal! It is awesome and it taste amazing!!! So neat to watch the team grow and things come together. When the pastor told me they could “bake” without an oven I looked at him like I saw an alien. He told me it was possible and sure enough he was right.

Walk to Work

Today we were walking to work and had a neat moment. I was able to observe our workers walking and chatting together. Lou brought a bag of cooked corn and started breaking it off for the other workers. They were chatting, carrying materials, eating corn, and laughing away. Was a sweet moment. I have to believe that God cultivated those relationships through our camp. I know that our counselors do not really see each other throughout the year because they are in different spots for school and live in different areas of the town. Was just a neat sight to observe them enjoying friendship together. We have an amazing bunch of counselors that work for us in the North. It feels like a family. Camp has been going great! I added some photos below!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

More to come...

(Top to Bottom: Boss Eve working with the children to teach them how to do tin art. Camp from a view. Dada and I, one of our workers. A child learning to do tin art. Making their own picture frames)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More to come...

Learning to be an artist!!!
Kids getting their GRUB ON!

Ayiti Cheri!

In Haiti safely! Pretty easy travels! I am into Cite Soleil today to meet with the staff. Excited to see everyone. I had a chance to sit with Louvenet last night! A sweet blessing to see him. We were talking about how we have know each other for over a decade, so neat! Been neat to watch him grow up, share stories, and listen and learn from each other. Last night he talked about, “being Haitian is hard.” I just listened, knowing that I will never understand. It’s frustrating to hear the stories of injustice and challenges. I often feel pressed against a wall because I do not know. I come from a middle class home, educated, can turn on water whenever I need it, cooking is easy, I have a savings, parents to depend on, a car that runs, health insurance, a safety net, a 401k, more than one pair of shoes….I just started reading a book called, Jesus and the Disinherited, by Howard Thurman. He writes of how God is on the side of the oppressed. He writes, “A profound piece of surgery has to take place in the very psyche of the disinherited before the great claim of the religion of Jesus can be presented. The great stretches of barren places in the soul much be revitalized, brought to life before they can be challenged.” I think of this as I head into Cite Soleil, a place where the disinherited reside. I think of the barren places in the soul that we might be encountering and it slows my gate in being quick to speak. Today, we sat with the staff; it was great being the only foreigner in the group. I love when the greater mass is Haitians, it feels right. As I sit there I pray that we would reflect Jesus, I pray that we would be a piece to the reconciliation and the “surgery” that needs to take place. I pray that if souls would be barren that through community and relationships God would start the work to revitalize souls and the streets. The book is humbling and hard to read because it confirms that I am privileged and the majority and deep within its hard and it hurts. I know God gave me that lot and I plan to use my gifts, but as I walk in the streets of Cite Soleil I work hard to be equal with the population and I know that our souls can be the same, but our situations will never be the same, so I wait, listen, learn, and let them take the lead.