Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Community Coming Together...what a BEAUTIFUL and GLORIOUS Sight

What a day. Started nervous, never really get too nervous in Haiti, but think it came from the feeling like I was heading in by myself and having to drive in. First time driving in Haiti..SUCCESS. Camp came together quickly and the workers were on time. The neatest part was having people just ask me if they could be present and help the kids. They continued to affirm that they didn't need to be paid, just wanted to be part of the day. Amazing, at one point we had about 10 adults in there supporting the children. The verse of the week is Luke 10:27. Trying to teach the children to LOVE GOD with all there heart, soul, mind, strength, and as their neighbor. Today we focused on loving him will all your heart, not just a little piece:) but all of it. Just fun to be with the community and serve and love on these children. Many of the children do not attend school and get to attend church and have the enrichment of play, so just a joy to serve God by loving on them. The afternoon might have been pure joy to sit back and watch. We have five local people that are teaching the children a talent. One adult to ten children. We have an artist, two people that crochet, and two that make jewelry. The children we all sectioned off and the adults really took on the task. I literally did nothing. It was amazing. Had other adults circulating and helping the children, children sitting, engaging, and patiently waiting for instructions. It was amazing. The adults were even more amazing. Just serving the children without hesitation. Truly beautiful to watch a community come together and serve each other with JOY. Every adult in the room was working with a child. The atmosphere of the entire day was truly one of the Lord, glorious! Got home to see another moment of the Lord shining through. Got an email saying that the second plane would not take our paint and it was stuck in Cape Haitian. Had a moment, meaning 2 minutes, hahhaa..thinking about if I could drive four hours to get it. Before I had too much time to think about it I got a second email saying that they found another airline that would take it, hahaha. Lord, didn't even let me stress about it. It was great. Getting ready to prep for tomorrow...need some cutting partners. I have 80 butterflies to cut out..hahahahahah, o man, I can already feel my fingers falling off. Til tomorrow. Continue to pray for energy, so exhausted by 4 today. Pray for the staff, pray for safety and the children. Love you all and continue to be grateful for you all and your commitment and support to us and Haiti. Thank you

Moments from the Day

My Tough as an Ox Worker..love her JOY!
People coming together
This is one of our security men. I know he doesn't look tough, but pretty sure he can turn the switch if needed. We had a good laugh with the photo.
They came up with the shirt script, "Working for a better Cite Soleil Tomorrow"
We have some locals coming in the afternoon to teach the children a trade. Crochet, an artist, and another two people that make jewelry. So neat to watch the community rise up together.