Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week Two Done

Week 2 is fini! Crazy how time is flying by. Soaking up Haiti. The children were great this week. Repeated a bit of the same activities that we had from last week, but it was neat to see it through the eyes of a different age group. We ended the week with a presentation of children singing, telling jokes, or dancing. It was hilarious. I had a couple of boys ask me to play some rap because they wanted to dance. So I threw down some rap for Jesus and the kids began to break dance. Probably the cutest, funniest thing I have ever seen. When I say break dancing, I mean break dancing. These kids were 11 years old. At one point he put a kid on his shoulders and the kid on his shoulders held the third kid with his feet, then all three children together began spinning around. I almost lost it. Precious!

Good week, week three next week and then we are done out in Passe Cataboise. My dad made it safely here and he is working away. Ryna is in good health, we have been so blessed. Still rocking it out and thanking God for everything he has provided. Still continue to enjoy this place and the people. Been great to play soccer because it is a moment to embrace the children and community. A lot happens on the soccer field. Opportunities to get to know people, teach lessons, make friendships, and grow in language. The children are killing me. I think I am getting old because I can’t keep up like I used to. I am dying in the heat. Sweating everyday. Today I told Ryna that I think I was sweating out of my big toe. So hot.

I was able to head into Port-de-Paix the other day and get my father, which I enjoy because I get to rid on the back of the motto and take Haiti in. Love observing the culture and people. Women on the donkeys heading to the market, children walking for water, tap-taps packed with 40 people, the chaotic transitions at the river. The motto ride in to Port-de-Paix is about 10-15 miles and it takes about 1-2 hours. My dad compared it to motto crossing races. Seems a bit like that. Dodging holes, rocks, cutting the gas when you go down hills, dodging the mud, one usually prays the whole time. Then you think about how if you were in the states you would have a helmet on and then you pray even harder. An adventure all the time.

Week three next week, until then two days of rest. Love you all, continue to be grateful for all of you that support us. Will post more pictures in a week. The Internet is very slow right now.

A Day of Mixed Emotions

Today has been a day of mixed emotions. Started the morning by attending a funeral. A friend of ours, her husband passed away. In Haiti, when someone passes away you often hear this deep wailing. It is often very loud, I could here it and I was about a 10-minute walk from the church. Ryna said, “Sometimes that is what I feel like doing here.” Resonated with my heart. Sometimes I just feel like wailing for this place, the children that die to the harsh reality of malnutrition, worst string of cholera hitting Haiti, the worst earthquake hitting Haiti. Just want to wail sometimes because some of it just doesn’t make sense. It is a wail that is so loud that it sounds like it has been bottles up for years. Seems like there is not one family here that hasn’t endured a deep suffering. It sounds like a deep cry to God, “Help.”

I bleed for this place. It is hard to not want to give it all away here. My troubles seem so insignificant here. Want to yell at my self, at our world, “wake up, HIS kingdom is hurting.” Port-de-Paix just had many people that came to be treated for cholera, 1,200. Two of the Americans here got it and said it was absolutely awful. They said that their bodies had never hurt so badly. So thirsty, body hurt because it could not retain water, could not walk. The worst strand f Cholera hit Haiti. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti. Pray for the doctors, the patients, and pray that the cholera would subside.

Doesn’t make sense, but then I think…God, give me the faith that passing my own understanding. Give me a faith that leaps after your love and power. A faith that presents its self-daily to you in an offering of take my life.

The day started off with a funeral, a mother and baby dying in the hospital. As the day continued we got to embrace the laughter of camp. Week two almost done. Continued to be amazed at what God is doing. The day ended with quiet a surprise. Tonight we were having coffee and got a call that they were going to do a c-section in the hospital. I took off after the doctors because I wanted to watch and see how my lovely mother gave birth to me: )

I got there and they told me to suit up because they need as many hands as possible for a c-section….ummm, what???? Scrubs…check…hair back…check….face mask..check…change shoes..check…c-section…WHAT? It was quick, but so intense and amazing to watch. Me and Ryna were supposed to be in charge of the baby, but the baby came out not breathing so Anne-Marie and Ryna quickly took over to do heart pumps and give him oxygen. I got put in charge of watching the mother’s blood pressure, hitting some button (that helped with oxygen to mother), and chatting with the mother. Crazy to watch it unfold. After about 10 minutes they got the baby breathing on his own. Healthy, looks great. Mother is great. Leah now wants to be a doctor and will never have children because that was some crazy stuff.

Called home tonight to let my mother know that my dad was safe and sound in Haiti and also say thank you for having me and going through that pain. I too, was a c-section. Mixed emotions kind of day, started with death and ended with life. Continue to embrace God and what he is doing in Haiti. Feel blessed to be a part of Haiti’s story and people’s lives. Thank you all for your prayers, support, and joy. Please continue to pray for tomorrow. Got to go pick up my dad by motto, that is not fun anymore. Always a bit of work. Pray for the next two weeks of camp, that God may continue to use it as a tool to reach the children and work with the youth. Until next time….love you all!