Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our adventure started out with seeing this. Through the river we went to the House of Hope.

Rhina holding a little newborn who ate a whole bowl of rice and beans. It was a sight!

The river you have to get through to go to Port-de-Paix. An adventure always.

The second week and our fuel was dwindling. The mornings were a little harder to get up. Sometimes we found ourselves dragging on the way to camp. The second week had to be the hardest. Days seemed to get hotter and longer. Our good food, Cliff bars were all gone and we were starting to live on bananas and mangoes. We wanted peanut butter and we were without it.
We worked with children ages 10-12. The week was full of crafts, football, musical hula hoops, soccer, bubbles, films, and smiles. The highlight of the week was being able to visit the House of Hope. It is a place that houses 80 children ages 1-18. The children that live there are either malnourished or suffering from TB. The goal of the house is to treat the children and be able to send them back home. If they are without a place to return to they are able to live at the House of Hope.
We had the neatest moment while we were there. Last year when my sister and I went to the House of Hope we got to meet a little boy named Jean-Baptist. He was suffering from TB and scoliosis. He was walking, but it appeared that it was very difficult for him. He looked weak and tired. This year we went back to the House of Hope to find Jean-Baptist, but this time it was smiles and running. We had the opportunity to talk with the woman in charge and she was able to tell us that after 3 years of treatment, Jean-Baptist was going home with his mother. Jean-Baptist came to HOH blind and paralyzed and he was leaving restored and happy. I will never forget seeing Jean-Baptist's smile as he took his mother's hand and walked down the corridor to a new life. God is working in Haiti and on this day, we were able to see it in Jean-Baptist.

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