Thursday, August 14, 2008

A night's sleep in Haiti

A night’s sleep in Haiti. We are adjusting slowly. First night in Haiti and we were exhausted and craving a hot shower, but instead we got a cold sprinkle. I want to paint a night's sleep in Haiti for you because it is one of those things that just make you smile. Each person gets to tuck herself into a cot and then tightly stuff the bug net under the mattress. You make sure that every inch is tucked in; if you don't you could be one of the lucky ones in the morning with legs that look like they have chicken poxes. After you are quietly tucked you try to bring your body temperature down so that you might be able to sustain the night. You quickly learn that it is impossible and it is going to be a night of tossing and turning, but at least you have the silence of crickets and a peaceful night. WRONG! It does not take long for the frogs to orchestra a beautiful choir for you. One after another. Then the donkeys chime followed by the barking dogs in the distance that add a little flavor to the choir. If you make it through the opening act you are awoken by an encore of roosters who have forgotten that they are only supposed to crow at dawn. The start at 3 and continue until dawn. It is joyous, but it is Haiti! I love it!

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