Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More to Come...

Last day we go. Wanted to post some pictures of the work that was happening in the community and some of our favorite shots over the last couple of days. More to come in the next couple of you all. Thank you for your prayers. Keep praying for the last day. Ricky heading home on Tuesday and the rest of our time here. Love you all.
First day of "slinging paint" as my sister calls it! Looking good, we are tired, but holding strong!
Ryna and one of the kiddos up North.
This little boy was my favorite. Brought up this broken piece of a radio with a dirty ear piece. Everyone told him it was garbage. I decided to pretend I heard music and listened to it with him. He laughed. Lord, love this little kiddo. He shares the same joy I share. Love him!
Snapped this photo while Caitlin was painting. He was watching her paint. Love the image.
Ryna learned the word for "pop your collars" She was practicing he word while borrowing the child's vest and acting it out. hahaha