Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Team

Jackie holding a baby that came to use malnourished. After a month she went home plump and healthy.

Caitlin walking with Faline and taking care of the baby.

Sharing a laugh in the kitchen.

Leah holding a little girl at House of Hope.

Jackie with Kalu.

This is our team acting out the story in the bible when Jesus walks on water. We used a blue table cloth for our special effects.

It was a prayer that we had a team of 5 people. We set out with 4. We gave it to the Lord and let it go. We prayed that 4 would provide enough adults to facilitate the camp. God had something else in store. We got to Haiti and met a young woman from the Netherlands, Amanda, who had traveled to Haiti to see a friend. She came with no mission in mind, but to see a friend. We asked if she might be interested in working with the camp. First day of camp she was a hit. Great with the children, loving heart, and a great spirit. Day after day she came; she was hooked. We prayed for 5. We went with 4. God gave us 5.

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