Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let the SPIRIT COME and Faces of HOPE

Pure JOY!
Two of our helpers learning to crochet
My little buddy who just grabbed my hand to dance.
Father come to help his daughter work.
A little play for the children. Jesus loves the little children.
Learning to be an artist.
This picture was hilarious. He got right up there and did he was planning it all along. Priceless I am currently wolfing down my food like a man that was just in battle for days and just returned home. People are looking at me funny, hahaha. I eat in the morning and wait til night, hate to eat in Cite Soleil when so many people barely get a meal a day or go days without eating. So tired, but somehow God fuels me up for the next adventure. Today was a day of the spirit moving. We are working in a church that was just built in Cite Soleil. They have a good sound speaker and we were cranking the music. One boy grabbed my hand and just started dancing with me. He was the boy from the picture I posted yesterday. He has become my best buddy, can’t really do anything, but is so proud of what he does. We started dancing and within minutes we had about 20 children dancing around, it was pure joy. Was pouring sweat by the end, but I will take it. Just felt the spirit move, it was amazing. The day was good, Caitlin has come up with a great schedule for the kids and it has been rocking it out. The staff has been great and making it work. The afternoon was the same, just felt full of spirit. One point half of the groups of children were singing to the song that was being played, so neat to just see peace and joy in the midst of what could be considered chaos outside. Can’t complain, God has been so good in all of this. Our budget was met and even in the last two days we have received more blessings of donations. The staff has been great, the children are pure joy. My mom wrote tonight and said she talked with her friend about Haiti and he said, “How can she keep going there when it's a place of NO HOPE!?" Haiti is and isn’t many things. One thing that Haiti is, is hope. Think that is why I keep coming back because in a place that could appear hopeless, if you go deeper all you can see is hope and faith. A simple conversation can reveal that, the hope of a father for his children, the hope and joy you see in a child as he/she engages in something with you, hope for a better tomorrow. Hope in two men sharing a conversation and learning to crochet together…see that as hope as Cite Soleil is a place where gangs thrive, but watching two grown men laugh and learn to crochet is a bit comical. Hope in watching to men grab the mic and sing for Jesus in a place that could seem hopeless. Hope is all these children smiles as they take their photo and know that they will get one copy of it the following day. Hope in 10 boys as they learn how to draw from an artist. I once heard a woman call Haitians, “Little resurrections” and I have to say it was the best analogy for a Haitian. At the end of the day, they almost seem like they could die because their days are that hard, but somehow they wake up the following day and do it all over again. Little resurrections. They are such a beautiful reflection of hope. It is hard to explain, you almost need to get a glimpse of it for yourself, but in the midst of suffering I have seen great hope. I have watched people from the community come out to support the children this week because they have hope in their community; they have hope in their leaders, hope in their children, hope in the Lord, hope in themselves, and hope in a better Cite Soleil. This place continues to humble me and crush my self. Thankful and blessed today…love you all and so grateful for you all. We could not do this work without you all. Continue to pray for the travels of our volunteers. Pray for the camp and the community. Pray that God’s glory would continue to REIGN and SHINE in this place. Til next time….pray that Hope continues to SHINE.