Monday, July 9, 2012

Ryna is HERE and Week 2 here we COME

Ryna is HERE. Such a blessing to have a friend in this adventure. We spent the day getting ready for week 2. Prepping for the week wasn’t as bad with a partner in crime. Love her, she has such a beautiful heart for this place and one can see it as she is present in this place. Her love and joy to serve the people in Haiti is contagious. She shared this song with me tonight and just wanted to weep: It is called, “All the Poor and the Powerless.” The main line was, “ All the poor and powerless and all the lost and lonely, know that you are HOLY.” Feel like this week I have been looking into the eyes of the poor and the powerless, but God continues to reveal their great beauty and holiness. Feel like God has been moving in the past week. There has been this little 5 year old and he has been working on my heart. He is so happy when we dance. He will be so sad, or hungry, or upset that someone took his marker and then I grab him and we dance and he just laughs and laughs. Friday I plopped him on my back and continued to work. He just hung there and didn’t speak a word, just content. He humbled me everyday. He came hungry everyday, had a large abscess on his back, but somehow he could laugh and see joy in the day. Week 2, day 1 and I feel like it is week 4…I forget I am getting older. Great day. The older kids are fun to watch. They are more engaging, which is fun when we do the theater part of the day. Tomorrow Ryna and I are bringing a skit for why it is important to brush you teeth, putting a health lesson into the day. It has been a neat addition. Today we talked about worms, and then gave a de-worming pill to all the kids before lunch…bet that doesn’t happen in America..hahah. Tomorrow..the importance of brushing your teeth...and I have to say I am pretty sure the blancs will bring some laughs. Sweetest moment of today…I was exhausted…but they have been cranking the music in the church, so fun. Brings life to the place and the children. At the end of the day I got a couple of kids out in the middle of the church and we danced…just laughed, so much fun to just be JOYOUS WITH THE KIDS. I told Ryna I love acting like a fool in front of them and making them laugh. When we were done dancing I was sweating like I just finished a marathon…if only my future husband could see me in Haiti. That has become Ryna and I’s joke of Haiti because we are often messes by 5 o’clock. Love it…day 2, week 2 tomorrow….. Paint is here, love it, it was swift and easy... there were bumps in the road, but got to the hostel today and it was here. Love it, just showed up…thank you Jesus. Continue to pray for the time working with the people, pray for the others that will join us in the weeks to come. Pray for our travels North on Saturday, pray that the bags get there with us. Pray for the camp up North, trying to bring more opportunity for the youth workers to take leadership this year.
Our "Strong as an OX" worker
This is our security hard at work. A little boy resting in the heat of the afternoon, precious!
Marcel, our art teacher is teaching the boys to draw a sunset. He is great with the kids.
Me busting a move with the children.
Some pictures from the days…Ryna found her “twin.” Hahaha, NOT. He is one of our workers and wants to come to America, he said she could say that they were brother and sister because “their teeth look alike.” Hahahah, he is a riot. Been a sweet joy to the camp and children. Love him.