Thursday, February 16, 2012

And we are Back....and met a Haitian Mami

It is so good to be back here. The smells, the heat, the people, it is the same. The smiles continue to be contagious. The people are so welcoming and so good to see the same faces. The trip was amazingly easy. I got all our bags, every plane was early, freakishly weird.

On our flight in we acquired a Haitian "Mami" a grandmother. She was just precious. Step off the plane and she is wearing a down coat, two sweaters, and shuffling off the plane. She did not know any English and she was all by herself with 3 carry ons, and trying to get two checked bags. She became our side kick. We shuffled through customs, helped her get her bags and found her connecting person. So precious....she chatted our ears off. I could not believe she went to the states and back by herself without knowing the language, crazy.

We are at the hotel and into Cite Soleil tomorrow. Excited to see what the Lord breaks open on this trip. Today we thought about spending a day to go and sit with the children on the street. Most days they wait at stop lights and clear windshields. We talked about going to spend a day with them. Sit with them, work with them, work to understand a bit deeper the hardship of being a child on the street. I know, it is a weird and crazy idea, but we are going with the spirit. Leaving wide open space for him to move. Excited, ready and trying to listen and be patient. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We could not do it without you all!