Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where's Waldo Wilfete in Haiti???

How did the morning start? We were off to pick up our friend at the bus station. He is coming to visit for a couple of days. We arrived to find that we could not find him. Picture a bus station in the take that all away. A bus station in Haiti is about 10-15 school buses lined up and craziness all around it. Our driver had to run back and find another person at the hotel so we climbed out to keep looking for our friend. It was like looking for Waldo in the books Where's Waldo. Hundreds of Haitians at the market, getting on the bus, here there and everywhere. We felt like we were in a Where's Wilfete book in the middle of Haiti. A couple of phone calls later we found out that we were at the wrong station, jumped in the car again and found our friend. What a process, all in a day in Haiti.

Today we had some good time catching up, talking about the summer camp from last year and how to make it better and reach more children that are in the mountains. Next year we are going to spend a couple of days hiking into the hills to find the children that don't get to head to school and church. We dashed into Cite Soleil for a couple of hours to sit around the table with a couple of leaders from the community. It was an amazing brainstorming session where we got to hear more from the leaders, see where their hearts are and where they want their city to go and more specifically the deeper needs of the city, a need of more leadership from the adults. It has been neat to watch this community work together. It is really unique. To see leadership rise up.

This is short, up at 5, but love you all. Thankful for how you continue to support. Continue to pray that God would reveal his heart for Cite Soleil and her people. Pray for a covering. Pray for our partner Robinson, he is getting married on Saturday. We are excited to attend and watch him celebrate this day. Many adventures ahead. I will be away from computer until till next time....