Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten Girls...One HOPE

Rose-Nadine Cileren
Mithnaida Joseph
Yofline Joseph
Rose-Nada Cileren
Ilianeze Guerrier
Idania Guerrier
Guermithe Destine
Chrisiana Jean-Baptiste
Meprizia Jean-Baptiste

We have recently taken on ten girls that we will be supporting this year to go to school. This is a project that we took over for another organization when they were unable to support it. These ten girls are orphans and have never received an education. It will be their first time attending school and they are absolutely overjoyed about it. Our contacts in Haiti have already started the process of enrolling them and facilitating a food program so that they will receive two meals a day. It is a blessing to come alongside this project and begin to think about ways that we can support it. We will be raising money in the next three months to support their tuition and the food program. If you have any interest in supporting one of these girls or making a donation, please contact Leah Beidler at leahbeidler12@yahoo.com. The girls pictures are above.