Thursday, August 14, 2008

MIchelda, our angel.

Michelda, an angel. The first day we arrived she rounded the corner with a hug. I had never seen this child, but she knew the name of Miss. Leah and hugged me like it had been stored up for weeks. In a little black, velvet dress, worn with holes, bare feet and broken. Daily she came with a smile and a melon. A gift of love. Poor she may be, but she held an indescribable love. Michelda started coming to church with us. She would arrive in her Sunday finest, a blue dress with a hole, a pair of cleats, and braids with beautiful white barrettes. She would insist that she carry my books. As she took my books she would fix the bottom on my shirt and make sure that it was pulled down. She always took care of us. She brought smiles on a rainy day as she jammed to our CD player on the porch. One might worry that a child might walk off with the new found toy, but Michelda just listened, swayed her head to the music, smiled, and giggled when we poked our head out to say hi. God's child. A child broken by poverty. A child with nothing, but somehow gave one of the best gifts I will ever receive, simple LOVE. Michelda, was our little angel that brought smiles to us everyday with her giggle and watchful eye over us. Michelda held the love of Jesus. One day in camp we were rounding up the dirty plates from the food program and I overheard children laughing at Michelda. I found Michelda with her head down and an old plastic bag filled with food that she had put aside to bring home to her sister. Children mocked her because of how poor she was and the fact that she was bringing leftovers to her sister. I tried to restore her confidence by sharing a smile and holding her hand, but knowing well that her heart had been hurt. The following day I watched in amazement as Michelda got up and passed out cups of water to the children that had been mocking her the previous day. Amazing love how sweet the sound.

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