Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pictures from the summer!

From top to bottom: Jonathan, sweet boy that came to the second week. We sang one day and he just danced and danced. Jumping rope! They wipe that rope so hard that sometimes it knocks kids over! Sun after a rainstorm! Louvenet (youth workers) helping one of the kids color his emblem for his Haitian flag craft. Our theme of the weeks was, "We love because he first loved us." The heart was a craft to represent the theme. Last two pictures are of us playing drums! Throwing down and jumping up!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Goliyat ak David Highlight of today was the theater for David and Goliath. Made a makeshift shield, helmet, and spear for Curtis. Made a makeshift slingshot, and shackle for Chodley and we were off to a great ti theater for the children. Curtis didn’t know a lick of Creole, but somehow the skit was amazing. Curtis, (Goliath) fell face down to the ground. The pictures below explain it all! Good day, week two almost over. We are up to 67 children, Lord help us. We are surviving and we are healthy. The youth workers continue to amaze me as they step up and work together. So neat to see how much they have grown together and how well they work together. Neat to see how the years have grown up strong workers. They truly carry the camp. They lead the worship, they lead the activities, and know how to manage the games. I find myself sitting back more and more, such a blessing and refreshing to see unfold as it is a hope a day will come that we will give it over and let them go!

Raised Hands!! Mwen Sezi

Today was the first day of week two! We are in Passé Cataboise and the first day we hit 67 children..hahaha, O Lord, I don’t know what I was thinking, but ok! Bring them on! Ryna, said we should just do 70 and call it a week☺ Love her! The first day of camp…I decided to explain to the children if they needed something, they needed to raise their hand and then explain to a grown person what they needed. I didn’t expect them to actually implement the request….but wouldn’t you know…one by one they raised their hands to ask for more glue, to go the bathroom, get a drink of water. I left dumbfounded and amazed…hahah, I have been doing camp for 8 years and I have never had the children actually listen to that request. Day one done…we created butterfly mask, bracelets, play “cat and mouse” with the parachute…had a little diri ak sauce pwa for lunch…it was a good day. The high of my day was hiking into the valley with Curtis and Wenge, a 5 year old Haitian. Wenge, decided to come with us and proceeded to tell us 32 year olds that we should follow him. While that sounds like a dumb idea, being 32 years old and allowing a 5 year old to lead…I promise that in Haiti the child has walked or ran the foot paths that he/she is about to take you on…and it is often in your best interest to listen and follow. We followed and it lead to an adventure into a valley, through a cornfield, janbe (cross) a river, into Wenge grandfather’s garden where we proceeded to watch the cows drink from the river. After that, Curtis decided to take a break and Wenge, the 5 year old says, “We can sit to look at the country!” Precious, we sat, enjoyed the view. Neat night! We are all still healthy, thank you Jesus! Praying daily that God holds fast our healthy bodies! We are always blessed to have you support! Thank you for praying and continuing to send finances to make this all unfold! Such a blessing!