Monday, March 5, 2012


This little girl had been in the hospital to get treatment for TB. She came to late and because of that her back had already created a hunchback like posture. Her spirit was something beyond words. I wanted to weep everytime she spoke because her joy was that beautiful, her hope would put me, us, to shame. I asked God to let me hear a mighty testimony while I was there, I didn't only hear one, but I saw one. It is her. A true encouragement to my heart. This is her singing to me one day. I could not help but record it. Listen to all of it. Look at her smile. Hope.

Being with the People

One day we found these kids..they made their own slip and slide


Sitting on the plane now and heading back into the states. Crazy trip that I am still in the midst of processing. Scripture spoke loudly to me during this trip. Moments in Cite Soleil helped expose me to more of the truth of the slums. Looking into the eyes of the women as we walked around to talk with them exposed me to behind the scenes of the streets. Got just a glimpse of life at home for the women and children. It is so complex like any country, neighborhood, culture could be. But somehow this place seems even more complex as it is so saturated in poverty.

Read this verse the other night and it spoke very loudly to my heart. Spoke loudly because in the middle of Cite Soleil it is so complex that is becomes overwhelming and exhausting at times. But this verse became a sweet comfort.

When I am with those who are oppressed, I share their oppression so that I might bring them to Christ. 1 Cor 9:22

We are called to share the oppression with others. In sharing this oppression the word claims that people will see Christ through us. The last day in Cite Soleil we sat in the streets and talked for hours. In my head I wanted to be planning for the next trip, look at land, but then I thought of this verse and it brought a stillness and peace. We are called to share oppression with our brothers and sisters. I know I get so caught up in doing that I sometimes forget to just be his child and be with his children. Told Ryna that sometimes I just like being in Cite Soleil because I think so much of it is about relationships. Working together, embracing struggles together, fighting together, rising up together, worshiping together, weeping together, laughing together, and visioning together.

We are thinking about sending some young adults to trade school and visioning about how we can create a platform/base to bring that back into Cite Soleil for the other people and children. I asked the seven young adults I was sitting with to write me a letter telling me about their heart for the vision, his/her dream for themselves, his/her dream for Cite Soleil. One young adult wrote, “Thank you in advance because I see we are thinking with Cite Soleil.”

It was a neat sentence to read, as a prayer for Making Roots is that we are always working to equip, disciple, and empower. In that sentence I heard the voice of one communicate that we are in this together for the good of the people in Cite Soleil.

A friend told me a story the other day. He said that his father came to serve at their home they were supporting in Haiti. The father saw one of the ladies that worked in the kitchen opening a can with a knife. She got it open, but the father could not help but think there is an easier way. He went out and bought an industrial can opener for the kitchen, but it still sits in the corner of the kitchen unused. My friend said it perfectly, “You didn’t solve her problem, and you solved your problem.” A neat sentence to hear.

The trip held so much listening, working together to think about the future plans in being in Cite Soleil. While the place can seem overwhelming, and exhausting, one thing is sure; Making Roots feels called to that place and our partner Robinson. The passion that flows from the people is contagious and they are hungry for so much more.

Lamentations (chapter in the bible) spoke loudly to me this trip. Feel like you hear such sadness, oppression, sorrow in the chapter, but at the same time you also hear that there is still hope in the Lord. The Lord is my inheritance, therefore, I will hope in him.” That verse was confirming in that Cite Soleil is so vast, overwhelming, full of this chapter, but I believe in the inheritance and hope of Christ.

Day by day..looking forward to the summer. Until then I just want to say thank you to all of you for your support, joy, prayers, love that you pour on us, Making Roots, and the people of Haiti. We could not do it without you all. More pictures coming….