Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Resurrections

The last two days has been reflection, some fun in the sun, and a motto ride through the city, a maybe soccer match tomorrow. Today I was sitting with a woman at breakfast and we were talking about the strength of the Haitian people. What she said seemed so profound and simple and beautiful all in one. She said Haitians make little resurrections every day. As I got to thinking about it more and more, I truly could see the strength in that comment. Every morning they get up for another hard day, but they resurrection and prepare for another hard day. In the night their strength has been depleted to the point that they feel like they have no more, but in the morning they have a "little resurrection." They are exhausted, some have not eaten, some have children that don't get fed, but they go to sleep and resurrect the following day.

I continue to be amazed at the strength of a Haitian. If you could just get a little glimpse of it I think I could promise that you would be absolutely amazed. Today at the hotel a 13-year-old girl was here with her parents that had adopted her after the earthquake. She lost a leg in the quake and they were in Port-au-Prince to get the next fitting for her prosthetic leg. I later heard her story of how she lost her leg and it brought goose bumps as the woman unfolded this young girls strength. When the earthquake hit this young girl would have been 12 years old. When the earthquake hit this girl and her family got out of the house. Once they got outside they heard the baby crying inside. Without hesitation she went back in and saved the baby, but on the way back out the house collapsed on her leg. The baby lived, but with that she lost her leg. AS I looked at the girl in the hotel she was all smiles. In her I see a little resurrection. Her life has completely changed. What she saw, what she had to live through, death of family members, loosing a leg, never being able to just run, the fear that I am sure she still faces at night, but somehow she gets up each morning.

As the woman unfolded the story I thought back to when I was 12 years old. Would I have had enough courage, strength, could I have been that little resurrection? They are some of the strongest people I know. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you asked me what beauty was I might have to say the spirits and hearts of the Haitian people.

Feeling blessed to be here and part of this story. One day left. Packing up, saying goodbyes tomorrow and maybe attending a soccer game. I have one dollar left..hahah. God truly has provided JUST ENOUGH. Thinking I am going to buy me a spirit with it..who knows, still tomorrow. Could I live off a dollar tomorrow..ahha. Love you all, couldn't have done it with God's strength and all of your support.