Friday, March 4, 2011

And More to Come...

More Pictures

Below are some of the pictures from our most recent trip to Cite Soleil in 2011. Some are of the men working with us. Others are of us coloring with the children. We all started off on our knees and it was quiet. Within five minutes if was chaos. We are so grateful for what God did on the trip. We were able to leave murals in Cite Soleil, employee local people, vision for the future, and enjoy HAITI. Thank you all for your support.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Tomorrow..

We are back to Port-au-Prince. We were able to head up North and see old friends and visit. Enjoyed the time with the people. Caitlin was able to paint a little and I was able to play soccer with the children. It was good to see everyone. We had about three days there and then we are back in Port-au-Prince and head to the states tomorrow. The neatest part of the trip up North was the moto ride to Passe Cataboise. We got to Port-au-Paix at dusk and there were a couple of our friends waiting for us. A blessing seeing as it would have been hard to find a ride that late. Our moto ride in the light quickly turned to darkness. I felt like we were in a planetarium. So marvelous to just look up and see the sky. One could see for miles and miles, infinite stars. Ten miles took us about two hours. The roads have gotten worse, more holes, more mud, more rocks. About an hour into our drive we hear, “My Kate, My Kate.” It was our Haitian brother who came to find us. So neat…he heard we were coming and came to find us. After that our friends decided the road ahead was bad and we were going to take another way. Before you know it we were zipping through fields, cornfields, it was amazing. Just darkness except our moto lights and the fires burning in the distance. It was a moment where I felt great thankfulness for this opportunity to be intertwined in God’s work in Haiti and Haiti’s people.

The trip back was the complete opposite. Woke up this morning at 3 am and took a moto at 4. This moto was not the best moto ever. Stopped four times, had to fix “pieces” of the moto. At one point I was holding a piece of the moto that looked pretty important, but hey, it drove. After the third time the bike “broke” we slipped in the mud and the bike went down, this is about where I almost lost it, but wait….we are not done. Next we hit the river, loaded ourselves and the bike into a “rowboat,” leaking much water and got pushed across the river in the darkness of the morning….but we made it, thank you Jesus. It was an ordeal and I might have lost it a couple hundred times, but we are safe and sound in Port-au-Prince enjoying quiet, soda, and rest. Back to the states tomorrow.

Grateful for the time up North. It allowed us to have some meetings and dream for the future of the camp and children that we sponsor for school. Neat to see God moving.

Thank you all for your prayers, notes, and support. When we get home I am going to load more pictures of our adventures. Internet has been too slow to upload much. But we just wanted to say thank you for everything. Photos to come…