Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Sweet DAY

Soccer in the streets. One of my favorite days.

Visited a project in another part of Port-au-Prince. It was a home for 10 children. Such a beautiful place with beauitful children. My heart could not help but think where they might be if God did not rescue them into this home.

Went to bed not even having it on my mind, thinking more about the thickness of our day. Woke up the next morning hearing in my heart and head, "Go to Mouge." It was the neatest thing, have never experienced something like that. So clear that I lied there for a bit and just prayed that God would pave a way for us to go. It is hard for us now, as half our team got a scare the other day, so we are walking lightly in other parts of Cite Soleil. Using wisdom and trying to determine what is best, so please pray that this area would quiet down and we would get to Mouge. I just feel like the Lord has something there for me to see or hear.

Today we visited a place an hour from here. We went with an American man, he helped establish something called, "A Servants Heart." It is a home that houses 10 boys and girls. A Haitian woman is running it with the help of his support. The neatest place. Big blue house, children greeted us with English asking us what our names were. It was precious. So neat to look into these children's eyes and see them have life and in full. Had to stop and look at these children and think about where they might have been without this HOME. They were precious, so neat to see how God is using people here to not only love on the people, but empower them to serve their country and God.Left there with a feeling of this is something I would want to do, feel like God has put young boys on my heart. Men are the majority of the voice here in Haiti I feel like I see and hear about adultery and unfaithfulness in so many ways. Been thinking more and more lately how it would be neat to work with street boys, bring them into a home, send them to school, share the gospel and display the love of Christ, and RAISE LEADERS. In turn they someday raise their families with the same strength they learned. Been a neat couple of days, praying that the Lord continues to reveal things while we are here.

The sweetest moment from the last couple of days was playing ball in the streets. End of the day and the elder men were setting up a match for us to watch. They just scrapped up the slop, sewer, trash for us to play on this paved area. One of our friends asked if I wanted to play, :) why not! 4 on 4 in the middle of slum. Crazy. People surrounded the "field" and it was so neat to see how the play of soccer brought a town together. So much fun to just laugh with these men. They kicked my butt, but I tell you I would play again. I was a little thankful that I stopped before the ball went flying into the sewer. hahaha, so nasty. The had a little boy fetch the ball. He took his shoes off before he went in.(good he did that, would not want to get dirty:) Rolled the ball through the stream line of crap, garbage, all that goodness and threw it back up! You better believe I left that ball chilling in cite soleil for the night. Been so amazing to embrace this place and the people, falling more and more in love with Haiti.

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