Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dancing in the Street

I have completely lost control of myself as my sister has decided to dance up a storm with the children in the streets. It was our last day there and the band started to play. Pure joy to just dance with the people and children. It was like everything else around us disappeared. It was beautiful.

We ended the day rolling up to the car to hear the "band." hahah, what a show, but loved it. A couple horns, drums, and, and white tubes and they were jamming like you would not believe. People dancing, laughing, children singing, it was a perfect finish to the day. Seeing laughter and family in the hardship of the streets. It was for that hour that many forget about everything that surronded them. It was JOY! Made my heart smile to just share that with them and have them want to give us the gift of music and friendship.

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