Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cite Soleil: Because HIS Love Reigns

May God's LOVE capture ALL His children.

Sharing a prayer.

Cari and Tammy at work.

Our last trip to Haiti was in November. We had been praying about this trip for two years. Cite Soleil is a hard city to get into. Well, it is easy to get into, but it is advised not to go into without connections and security due to the high rate of kidnappings and gang circulation. We met Tammy Babcock about a year ago and she has done extensive work in Cite Soleil. After meeting her in Haiti, we came home and about a year later decided to try and find her. WE FOUND HER! Under her work, her security we were able to go in and work in Cite Soleil. My sister painted the recently built water tower. It was God's favor that got our paint to Haiti in the first place and it was even more God's favor as we stepped back and were able to look at the amazing piece of artwork that Caitlin completed. It was two weeks before we were to leave for Haiti that I finally got a very direct answer that we could not personally carry the paint on the plane. After many phone calls, prayer, God figured a way to get the paint there three days before we showed up in Haiti. It was amazing to see how he paved the way in making this happen. The mural was such an amazing ministry as we were able to have so many interactions with the people and relationships with the workers. Children were constantly present and we always had helping hands to pour into this piece of artwork. The neatest part was seeing how they took ownership over the tower and really took it upon themselves to participate in the painting.

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