Thursday, November 19, 2009

Someday a DESIRABLE Land

This is life for so many children.

Thinking how could this be....still thinking.

Taking a shower. How beautiful is the flow of water.

Flying a kite. This was so hard for me to watch. Thought back to my childhood. The joy of grass between my toes, the joy of running in a open field with my ma or pa, happiness of school. I looked at this land and was without words.

It has truly been an experience that my heart and eyes will never forget. We left Cite Soleil on Wednesday and before we left we got to go to Mounge, probably one of the most poorest, devastated areas my eyes have even seen. We delivered water. We rolled into the town and as soon as people saw us they came running with buckets. One never knows how precious water is until it is not there. It was a hard day as my eyes have never seen so much garbage and poverty, the extreme. Mounds and mounds of it, pigs where children walk, shacks, hardly life. In the distance i could see the Atlantic where all of it led. As I watched the children play my heart could feel nothing but a deep sadness and the need to weep for this land. It took all of me to hold it together as I watched children not much more than 5 years old standing in the garbage flying kites. I thought back to when I was 5, what was I doing, where was I playing, did I have family, was I in school? How is it that I got so blessed to have the life I have?

Reading a verse in Psalms, it stated I will turn this once devastated, desolate land into a desirable land. My prayer for this place, Haiti, Cite Soleil, Mounge, is that one day it becomes a desirable land where children can feel the warmth of love from family, the feel of grass beneath there feet as they run, the joy of having running was a hard day, but my hard day can not even compare to their hard days. We left with the team and my heart knew in so many ways that Cite Soleil and Mounge are not done with me yet, I will be back.

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