Thursday, November 19, 2009

God's AMAZING Hand

Our beautiful crew.

The mural. It was 20 feet tall. It was so neat to see how the people took ownership as they were picking out words to paint on the mural. Viv~Life~Lape~Peace~Lamou~LOVE~Volonte~

This word, "JWA," (Joy) helped me sing my heart out and see the beauty of God's REDEMPTION.

Today was a day with many experiences. As we geared up to do the wall today I found myself lazy and sitting on the side with some of the guys. Had to laugh with some of the sweet conversations we were having. One man was reading my dictionary and I saw that the word in creole for JOY was jwa. I started saying it over and over and before you know it, the once gang member was teaching me, "I have the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart." It was precious. Together we sang, I decided to get up and make the 50 year old dance with me. One of my favorite parts of this trip has been talking creole with these guys. Many of them know English, but have had fun talking Creole with me and teaching me more words.

Been a blessing to my language and experience in the city.. The mural is coming along. The guys have been so helpful and every stroke with their brushes is with grace, so neat to watch how therapeutic is seems to be. Caitlin shines so beautifully here. I love sitting back and just watching here at work here in Haiti. Such a blessing to walk along side her and embrace these experiences together. Today the garbage smelled awful. As we walked to the water tank I could not help but notice the crap on the side of the wall of the open sewer tunnel. NASTY, is all I got to say. My gratefulness has expanded dramatically. I have been praying that ring worm and scabies does not come to know me:) as I am letting the children climb all over me:) I might regret this, but today it was whole lots of fun to laugh and sing with them. The day came to an end that left us full of thankfulness.

Three of our five went out to another part of Cite Soleil today. With them they took security while we stayed at the tank with another 4 guys of security. They were going to go give medical care, walking the streets. They went to go treat a baby and upon walking in the house one of our gals said she had this weird feeling about a guy when they walked in. Within five minutes they received a call to inform them that a gang was on their way to the house, not more than a half a block away. They got out of there and made it back to our area. After we chatted tonight, Caitlin and I had the chance to sit down and talk about the amazing hand of God both before us, behind us, and hovering over us. His amazing hand leading us into this city, guiding us through the days, surrounding us with his heavenly host. It has been nothing, but God's favor and protection and LOVE. It was one woman that informed our guy what was about to happen. This woman did not know our guys, she could have gotten herself into trouble, but today she allowed God to use her and bring us such thankfulness.

God's heavenly host have been hovering over us. It has been a blessed trip so far.

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