Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jacob and Job….one horse, one donkey, a white lady, and two Haitians

One night I was fried! I went out to fill up some water pitchers at the faucet. The town is having problems with water. The water is scarce and limited and in that more people have been coming to the faucet outside the compound we are staying at to fill their 5-gallon water jugs. One night I decided to plop down by the spicket and just talked with two boys about their day. I started joking with them…singing a song in Creole to which Gerry replied,”How do you know that song?” I said, from church…he chuckled…he seemed amused that I was a white lady singing a Creole song. I asked him how many 5-gallon jugs he was filling to which he started, 8. I looked at him and his brother; they could not be more than 150 pounds together. I asked them how many times they come to get water to which they stated we come twice a day. I volunteered to help them carry their jugs to their animals. I am a wuss! I watched those boys carry their water jugs with grace…I picked one up and nearly fell over. UMMMM….I am an American wuss!! We get to his horse and donkey and I decided to joke around and ask them the names of the animals, to which he replies…”Bourik (donkey) ak Chawl (horse)”…he then says,”You name your animals?” UMMMMM…yeah man! I name animals…he laughed. I told him we needed to name his animals…he laughed at me and told me that I should name them. I decided on Jacob and Job. He thought I was a nut. We laughed so hard. I helped them load their water and sat back amazed at their lifestyle and what they do. Each jug was a five-gallon bucket…loading 8 of them into bags on the horse and donkey…I left sweating my butt off. I told them if I saw them the next night I would help….I got to load water with Gerry and his brother three nights in a row. I know this is a silly story…and some of you might wonder why I choose to write stories like this…but honestly, this are the stories that capture my heart. Being in Haiti is about relationships for me. I believe that God uses us in relationships, in moments, to reflect more of his love, his grace, and his heart. Caitlin told me the other night, “We are here to bring out the LIGHT in people.” Loved that…Bring the light out! Bring the light out in relationships…bring the light out in communities…in children…in relationships…bring it out! I don’t think Gerry will forget me. I am pretty sure he went home and told his parents that he met a “crazy, white lady that named his donkey, Jacob, and his horse Job.” I am pretty sure I will see Gerry next year and I am pretty sure we will load water again and he will attend camp for the 1st time. I am pretty sure that I made a new friend and I know that it is those moments that God rejoices.

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