Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shine like a STAR for Jesus

Bonjour from ayiti, Week one is fini! The week had lots of highs. We got a radio of 50.00 american dollars. It is a karaoke machine…hahaha. We cranked Jesus music everyday and they sang while they did their projects. We are supposed to be working with children ages 6-9, but I am pretty sure that we have some children that are 4 and 5. The children have been amazing, they make a lot of noise, but it is happy noise. The workers can throw down..we got dada who can swing a jumping rope like its her business. She works so hard with the children and will hold a flat affect and then you give her a fist bump and tell her she works hard and she smiles. Love it. Kenken, is always ready to work. Been such a strong worker for the children. Demet has the same pose and attitude as Kenken, ready to roll. Then we got Helton, works like a mule. Works so hard and at the end of everyday he says he isn’t tired. The other day we had the children paint wood stars. It was so quiet as they painted the stars. Neat to watch them explore using a paint brush and enjoy painting. We put the verse, “Shine like a star for Jesus.” We have been going back to that with the children! Shine like a star! How do you shine like a star in your community, with your friends, in your family. Last day we had a pinata. I did not know how it would pan out, but it was a blast. Had some adults playing, children playing...was JOY! God has been so good to use. Been neat to see the little ways he has made this trip easy. All our bags got here, Cite Soleil has been really quiet and no gun shots, I have had just enough materials….God has just been neatly present this whole trip. Megan and Fran are in the North and we will be joining them on Saturday. Ryna and Eric come in tomorrow and we are excited to throw down in the North. Megan has been working with 5 children in the North and teaching them how to play the violin. We will head North for another two weeks. Be praying for Caitlin, she got sick the night before we were supposed to head North. We will try to leave tomorrow. Ryna and Eric went ahead and sister and I are going to wait until tomorrow. Pray for her strength and pray that it is just a stomach bug. Love you all! Thanks for all the prayers and support! More to come....

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