Saturday, August 6, 2016

The children

The children have been amazing! The first week there were three little boys that would just giggle ever second you goofed off with them. Caitlin bought one of the boy’s artwork for a Haitian dollar and you would have thought he won the lottery. He smiled for the rest of the day! Pretty precious! Other moments…playing the drums with the little children was beautiful and amazing all at once. They head outside and Chora rounds them up into a circle and the collectively sing and pound the drums and sing “Jericho.” The hot Haitian sun beats down and myself, the American thinks…how the heck are they still going. Twenty minutes later they are still beating the drums…running in a circle, now they are jumping up and down…it goes and goes. The energy is contagious and you join and realize the energy has completely got you hooked and for ten minutes you dig deep and just keep going and going. Just when you think you are exhausted, you dig a bit deeper and keep going, Jumping higher, singing louder, smiling bigger, and just soaking in the essence of God’s kingdom in Haiti. Once the music stops you look around and realize that every one is pouring sweat….my calves were even sweating, just love it. This is us throwing down!!!!!

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