Saturday, August 6, 2016

Last day

LAST DAY! Last day of three weeks of camp! Kind of crazy how fast it seemed to go. It went fast, but my body feels like it went slow. We had some really neat weeks and moments. Moments of complete joy…watching Chora and Losley sing with the children and have a “battle” of girls vs boys and who could sing louder. Precious! Chora pretended to get annoyed because the boys were not singing loud….then proceeded to say, “ O man, you guys can not sing, Leah give me your headband I am going to put it on and start singing with the girls.” They sing their hearts out…fun to feel the intensity of the singing, here the energy, see the smiles, and feel Jesus. This year they started singing a new song in English and then in Creole. The main line of the song is, “If God says YES, no one can say no. “Si Bondye di wi, Pesonn pa ka di no.” They would sing it over and over again. Loved it, AMEN! The last day they sang this same line over and over for about 3 minutes straight. I kept looking at Chora to see if he would break, stop, die out in intensity and he just seemed to clap louder, harder, longer, and with a bigger smile. It was simply AWESOME. The children were battling him to see who could clap louder…just kept going. Haitians are so strong. Physically, mentally…as I watched him clap, sing, experience his joy….just saw and heard STRENGTH! We had a fun staff this year for the morning camp. Been neat, it has been our 9th year working together and you can see and feel it. They way we interact and know what to do has been amazing. The last day of camp we took a group photo…this is what we came up with! A silly photo and a normal photo…love them all like family. Each one of them has unique characteristics that they bring to the table. Chora can get the crowd going at anytime of the day…has a gift to sing and drum. Lou, gentle soul and loves to share the gospel and is so good with the children. Has a gorgeous heart for his country and her people. Losley, that girl can throw down. If it’s singing, handing out food, in a skit…she can throw down. Frejohn, a father of some of the kids in camp. An adult in a child’s body. He is able to mesh into the skits, do what is asked with a willing and happy heart. the children were they are at. Wobina, another girl that can throw down. The first week of camp we has a deaf and mute boy in camp. Wobina, sat with him every day and helped him complete the activities, helped him during transitions, tried to sign certain actions to him. She is strong, sweet, and loving heart. Ami, he is always present and ready to work. He will take whatever comes his way with a happy heart. Chodley, maybe one of the sweetest children I know. He has this gentle spirit that is always ready to serve. He is so gracious and quiet, but ready to play any role in a skit. Caitlin has been leading an art group in the afternoon with 6 children and Chodley is one of them. On the last day of the group Chodley brought her a loaf of bread, a little bag of cereal, and two slices of cheese as a “thank you” gift. Nun, she joined the team this year. Quiet, I am still getting to know her, but she has got spunk and joy. Linlin and her “ti gason” in her belly…she is 8 months pregnant and throwing down at camp. She is so quiet, but a hard worker. Every morning, I would squat down and talk with her baby, “ti gason.” She would chuckle, precious enough that I would keep doing it. I told her that her son would know me next year by my voice because I talked to him so much…she laughed. Haitians love to joke around. I tend to act crazy just to make Haitians laugh. Laughter is ever present during camp and in conversations. Love it!

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