Monday, August 29, 2011

A Whole Notha Level

So tired that is seems like a whole nother level. My toes hurt and I think my eyelids might even need some Advil, but we are surviving. Been a crazy adventure and I tell you I have seen God’s power and strength in a whole notha level. It has been amazing how he has provided just enough or made it happen when there was no way. He keeps showing up. So powerful and neat to see.

Camp in Cite Soleil ..where to start First year that we have ever tried it out and it has been going with grace. Been surprised, but it has been awesome to see the strength in the workers and see the children smile and just embrace joy together. Made a friend with a smart alick and he has become my favorite. First day I asked him what his name was and he responded with, “Mesi.” So I started calling him that and now I guess we are best friends because he is right by my side. Painted with us today and each day he finds me. Played baseball with him today. Was fun to laugh and just be.

Yesterday I got to sit in the back of a pick up truck for an hour and chat faith, God, government, and Haiti with a couple of guys. Those are some of my favorite moments in Haiti. Getting the chance to talk with them, hear their hearts, hear their struggles, hear their triumphs, share prayer, embrace friendships, laugh and joke together. Grateful for those moments. Sometimes I think we as people always need to be doing something, giving something, serving, and we miss the beauty of just being people together. Love being people with the people of Haiti.

Been painting in the afternoons and that has been another level. We have been covering ground with paint. So fun to see color in Cite Soleil. It is pretty gray, so it fun to bring some yellow, red, blue and orange to the place. Favorite moment today was painting with Mesi and another little boy that is my favorite. He is such a lover. Always wants to be held and quiet, but so helpful. One of his arms does not bend correctly and I think it is because it broke at one point in his life and did not heal properly. But somehow he always finds a way to hold a paintbrush and help us with a smile.

When you first look at Haiti it appears to be deep in poverty and while it is, they are some of the richest people I have ever met. The other night I got to hear a man retell his story of the night of the earthquake. As he told me about the day in such detail, it felt like it had to be yesterday. He accounted the sounds of screams after it hit, the movement of his car, walking home because he could not pass by car, praying that he would find his family. As he told me his story I wanted to weep for this place. A day that will be marked in their history and it will be too hard to explain. But what amazed me in his story was his strength and his continuing adoration for God. This country may be the “poorest county in the western hemisphere,” but in all my travels I have never met a richer people group than the Haitians. Their faith, their strength, their ability to smile through suffering, their love to serve, their strength in dreaming and visioning, their hope for their children, their adoration for our God is so rich, it humbles you and for me challenges my personal faith and perspective of life. Continue to be grateful to be immersed in Haiti, in the midst of God’s kingdom on earth.

Continue to pray for safety, the team, the camp, the afternoons of painting and time with the workers. Pray that we would have the opportunity to grow deeper into the heart of Cite Soleil. Love you all! Thank you for your support and love.

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