Monday, August 29, 2011

Slinging Paint

Another day in the Soleil. What a day. We had the older children today and they were amazing again. We hit up tye die today, which was a blast as they had never done it before and it was something new and fun for them. It is safe to say that I have never been this tired. Think I just ate enough for a family of five. So hungry and tired and it is only 6 and already thinking about bed tonight.

Precious moments today had to be the greeting smiles of the children as we rolled into Cite Soleil this morning. Painting with the guys this afternoon and enjoying color in Cite Soleil. On Monday we have a graffiti artist coming in to spray up a storm. Excited to collectively brainstorm what we want to write on the walls and bridges. We have painted three walls, three bridges, and three telephone poles..hahah. As my sister would say, “We are slinging paint.” So Monday Adou is coming in to spray up a storm. He told me he needs 18 cans of spray, so should be an adventure. I asked him how we were going to paint the outside of the bridge seeing as it is a bridge that is right over the sewer cancel. With no hesitation he said that we will stand the ladder in the sewer and paint. I think my expression threw him off, really man! Thoughts in my head…what if you fall in? What if you drop something? What if you fall in? What if you fall in..hahah. He assured me that it would be a.o.k. You got it brotha, lets roll!

The guys that have been working for us have been great. Today I got to go into a home in Cite Soleil and the little shanty opened up into a room that was full of tin artwork. So neat to look at….a thriving artist making it work in Cite Soleil. Beautiful work. Amazed me. Love getting to know more and more of the people. Been so blessed ot have the chance to be in this place and share friendship with them.

Camp has been good. My moment today was when I asked the children to write their names on their papers. The age group today was 12-15. I had a boy raise his hand and say that he could not write his name. He asked in this quiet voice and I could quickly read that he felt shame for this. Wanted to just hug the kiddo. So frustrating. A simple gift of education and this boy has not had the chance of even getting a glimpse of it. Leave here feeling blessed, but also this feeling of how did I get so lucky. Because of where I was born I have already a better chance than a Haitian girl. Just doesn’t seem far.

We are healthy and smiling. Just started to down pour. Between the rain and how tired I am, I might just fall asleep at 6 tonight. Want to continue to say thank you for all your support and prayers in this time.

Want to send out a prayer request. Have a friend that is suffering from bumps all over his body. Started on his arms and has slowly spread all over his body. He has been to the hospital and they can’t give him any explanation of what it is. They are extremely painful. This might seem like a small prayer, but it is causing him so much pain. I just ask that you pray for a healing of his body or also pray that we might be able to get help from doctors in the states to figure out what it is. He is such an amazing man that pours into the community and children. His spirit amazes me. He heart to support us, love on the children, and work with his fellow community members. I just ask that you pray for a healing of his body. Woke up this morning and just asked God to make them disappear. Thought how amazing that would be. For them to just disappear.

Love you all! I am home on Friday. Last day in Cite Soleil on Monday. Tuesday is quiet work day. Wednesday I am hitting the beach baby. Thursday work and visit friends. Friday home. Pray for strength in the team and pray that we would continue to grow together for the name of Jesus.

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