Monday, August 29, 2011

Cite Soleil...last week of Haiti

So our car ended up not working out. Who would have thought we would have rolled out in class? A pick up truck, a hired tap tap for the day, with some rocking tinwork on the back and plastered all on the truck was “Jesus loves me.” Yeah yeah. Roll out peeps. Into the soleil today. So it was the first day, first time we tried camp in Cite Soleil. My prayer last night was that it would be calmer than expected. We showed up and the children were already inside waiting for us. We usually take an hour to set up, prepare, and let workers know what is happening, but ok…lets do it was the game plan today. One, two, three and it was game on. Went great…children were absolutely precious and happy. Almost seems like another level. Some of you know, but we believe that that God is calling us to work more directly with the boys living on the street. Today as I was in there working with the children I had this moment of, “Lord I think you are drawing me closer and closer to that vision.” I have to believe that half those children in there today were or have lived on the streets. Being able to work alongside them today and just be joyful was a blessing from God. It was good to be back today…seeing all the familiar faces, catching up, rambling Creole, laughing, and playing.

Hardest part was when the rain hit hard today. The church building we were in (a cement building with a tin roof) began to leak so bad that I literally had to move the children three times. Within 20 minutes our floor was covered in water. Makes your heart sad, a simply thing such as a roof is even hard to have in Cite Soleil. I thought about schoolrooms, people sleeping at night, churches. Almost so frustrating because it is that simple, a roof, but it is not there.

The camp has surprisingly been going great. The children are happy, respectful, loving it. Thank you Jesus. The boys in the group today were supposed to be troublemakers, but they were great. Funny, happy, full of energy. Was neat to see their energy displayed like that. Hear their sarcasm, but also embrace their funniness and moments when they were just happy. Today we took pictures and tomorrow we make frames. Excited to give them pictures. For all these kids I am thinking that not one of them has a picture of themselves, so pretty excited to see their reactions. They truly are precious. My Lord, I want to pack them up and bring them home and just love them like a child should be loved. Hard to come and hard to go, always the case in Haiti.

Today got to chat Creole in the back for a truck for an hour with some of our workers. Those are some of my favorite times. Being with the people, knowing more about their hearts, their land, their struggles, and their triumphs. Been a humbling experience, but continue to be so grateful for it. Been so good to see everyone.

We get to look at land on Saturday..crazy…excited to see where the Lord is leading. Just hear him saying, “I will expand your borders.” We are healthy, tired, but healthy. Many mosquitoes bites, but grateful it is not cholera or malaria. God has been good in covering our bodies with safety. Another day tomorrow, continue to pray for safety and time with the community. Pray that they would see God in all of this.

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