Monday, August 29, 2011

A Look at Land..Crazy

Today we got to see a piece of land. As we drove down the road it opened up into a piece of land that had nothing on it. It was an open piece of land and in the middle of it was two big mango trees. Neat to see these huge trees in the middle of the lot. As we talked with the owner it became a bit more real that God is expanding borders. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I believe that he is taking us to another level. Expanding myself, Making Roots, us in Haiti. The neatest part was that while we were looking at the land 9 boys all the sudden showed up behind us with a soccer ball. They stood there and were just checking out what we were doing. Some of you know that my sister and I have felt very called to starting a home for boys living on the streets in Cite Soleil. Our number was 8-10 boys. As those 9 boys stood there it was almost like a vision of what was to come. Made me smile. Felt like God was quietly speaking to me in the midst of a open, not yet known lot of land. Another day..thankful for new beginnings.

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