Monday, August 23, 2010

Our crew of Workers

Our crew of workers this year was a beautiful blessing to the camp and children. We have had the same 6 for the last three years and it was so neat to see the growth. The worked beautifully together. There was a deeper richness to the team this year, almost felt like family. At one point we were drumming and laughing and Titus, Children’s Pastor at church took off dancing in circles with the children. It might have been one of my favorite moments to see him cut loose with the children. Bobbing his shoulders up and down, singing, getting kids to join in, it was precious to watch it all unfold.

Each and every person added a piece to the team. Wilfete and Lou brought strength and humor to the day. They were a team. Side by side, fun to watch them interact. One day Wilfete and Lou acted out the story of the Lost Son. Wilfete the father and Lou the lost son. As Lou came running back to Wilfet and embraced in a hug their smiles showed great friendship, joy, and love. It has been so neat to see that cultivate over the years. They didn’t really know each other year one.

Titus, Children’s Pastor was a riot. Brought laughter to the day and strength to the singing and stories. Also brought discipline when out voices didn’t seem to cut it. Lin Lin and Michelda brought a sweet peace and love to the crew. They working hands were always nice to have when we were singing. Lin Lin is a quiet, young, woman. We put her in charge of leading the singing. One day she was trying to focus the children to sing, but somehow the drums were carrying over her voice. Instead of getting frustrated she grabbed a drum from an adult and started drumming faster, louder, and with more JOY. It was hilarious. Made me smile.

Great team. We would not have been able to do it without them.

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