Friday, February 18, 2011

8 small signs to 5 murals. Cite Soleil 2011

The day started with a young man telling me I was prettier last year. Hhahahah, almost lost it. Day ended with a little boy breaking it done to Micheal Jackson and showing us some karate moves. Good beginning and close to the day! My sister and I almost lost it. I think people are wondering about the crazy “blancs.”

The trip has been encouraging so far. God has provided every little detail. The trip was a blessing. Every plane on time, bags here, paint here, we are safe.

We were anticipating 8 small signs while we were here. We arrived to find walls. The first “sign” we found was definitely a small mural. All of them seem equally big, but we love it. The crew that we are working with has been pure joy. Mostly men, and one gal that if I were to give her a name it would be, “Rough Rider.” She seems like a trooper. Looks tough, but such a sweet spirit, willing to help wherever we go. We were tromping around the city today. By 12 o’clock I felt like it was time for bed. We were able to prime all the walls and get some time to enjoy sitting with friends.

Falling in love with Haiti all over again. Tomorrow we head in for another day of sketching and painting. Please continue to pray for safety as we are working in the city. Most of the time we are on our feet working in the city. Pray for safety, endurance, and time with the people. Here are some photos of beginning stages of our “signs,” which we are now calling murals.

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