Monday, August 23, 2010

A Mural of Magic

Caitlin found amazing JOY this year in painting the mural. The last picture is of a little boy named, Chodly. He became Caitlin's painting partner. Everyday he would be waiting for her and would work side by side until the day was done. She found so much joy, laughter, and peace in painting with him. Caitlin, also enjoyed painting with the people in the hospital. I would often show up after soccer and she would have put down a tarp and about twenty people would be sitting on it. All of them participating in the activity. Coloring, painting, bracelets, you name it, they were all participating. From old men to young, from mothers to daughter, everyone was working together. Neat sight!

Caitlin also had the opportunity to paint the bakery this year, which was classic. We were buying bread one day and asked the owner if he would want a mural on the bakery and all we heard was a big YES! Great experience because it attracted a different crowd of people. The bakery is located right in the middle of a big crossing of roads. So we got people coming and going, the motto drivers, and other children. We left and the owner said, "Come back and do the inside next time." Soon all of Passe Catabois will be covered with Caitlin's finest! The Pastor asked for the school to be done, inside and out!

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