Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quote of the day, “If We Don’t Get Cholera that would be…Awesome.”

Today was a relaxing day. Got to enjoy catching up with people. Great to see smiles, embrace hugs, and catch up. Had a hard conversation with one of my Haitian brothers. I want to share the story with you in hopes to reveal a bit of the spiritual warfare and realness of voodoo that still works in this country. Today we talked about how many people in the town give him a bit of trouble. To spare a bit of details, a particular family has been giving him so many troubles to the place that they have begun to threaten him with saying they would go to the voodoo doctor and put a curse on him so he can’t move. At first it seems to crazy to believe or understand, but then it became so dark and real in a matter of seconds as he described more and more details of the conversation. The nurses have told me stories of patients that come in and can’t move their legs or arms and there is no explanation, but voodoo. As my Haitian brother and I continued to talk I asked him if her was scared. He said he is not scared because he knows God is stronger, AMEN brother. But I still ask that you pray for my brother Wilfete in the days and months to come. I know God is using him as a leader, example, and disciple in this community and in that I know that Satan will work even harder to conquer him. He is an amazing young man, with a great heart, beautiful character, loves working with children, and has a heart to serve and love Jesus. Pray for his strength and that his heart would continue to adore Jesus. Pray that no weapon formed against him should prosper.

Quote of the day has become, “If we don’t get cholera that would be awesome.” There are a couple of people in the hospital that have cholera right now and two of the foreigners here just had it. So fingers crossed, prayers going up, hands washed, praying that cholera does not affect us. There are only two of us here this time. Two on our team that is. If one of us gets it, well….we told each other we will still come to camp and work..hahah. Might not be a pretty sight. Pray for us. Last minute I had two people that could not come over to Haiti with us. Our strength is in two this year. Pray for our health and unity. Camp tomorrow..here we go.

Pray for Wilfete. Pray for the camp. Pray for the strength of the team. Pray for Haiti.

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