Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Sign of a Tropical Storm

We heard there was a tropical storm coming….all we feel so far is a bit of wind, no rain. Don’t know if it is other parts of Haiti that are being hit, but we are ok. But continue to pray for the other parts of Haiti because tropical storms and hurricanes here never bring anything good. Cholera is still present and with more rain brings more cholera. Just pray.

Camp was good today. Favorite part was showing the children a National Geographic film. One could hear a pin drop. The only sound that was heard was their sweet laughter. So fun to watch them engage with the movie. They laughed so hard when the giraffe came on. We continued to feel blessed with the youth workers and the people in the town that support the camp, the children, and us. Ryna my side kick is amazing. Been so blessed to have her along. Her Creole, love for the children and Haiti radiates each day. She has been a blessing to have. Tomorrow we are having a party for Jesus, which means more fun crafts, a piñata, singing for Jesus, and some games. We like to go out with a boom!

Continue to pray for the Ryna and I, for strength.
Pray for the youth workers, Wilfete, LinLin, Lou, Ami, Chora, and Michelda.
Pray that in all the fun that the children continue to see Jesus.
Pray for the hospital patients. Cholera is still coming in, pray for the doctors and the patients.

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