Thursday, August 4, 2011

It is so HOT here

Day three of camp done! So fun to watch the children engage. Today we made little bowls with air dry clay..who would have thought that would have been a hit. Put some gems in the bowl and ever child left with a smile. Great day at camp. Neatest moment was watching my Haitian brother take control and lead an activity that I usually lead. Usually we take children outside to engage them with the parachute. Today I asked Wilfete if he would be ok to do it without my help. “Wi Leah.” It was so fun to step back and see his leadership over the children. To watch him actively engage with the children, take leadership, and teach them. Felt like we saw our mission today. To equip and empower leaders. In the last week Wilfete has shown more and more of that mission. Thankful for the few that God has given us. Neat to walk alongside them and share life, ministry, and friendship with our workers.

Story and theater of the day was Jesus healing the man with leprosy. We wrapped Chore up in cloth, Wilfete was Jesus, and the rest of us rocked the crazy crowd that was amazed by Jesus. Half the time the children are laughing at how ridiculous we are and the other half of the time they are learning. We got out hands on Creole worship music and I had purchased some loud speakers before we got to Haiti. Been so fun to blare it during camp. The children jam along and it is loud. So fun! Another level of worship, yeah yeah!

We are doing well. Holding up in the heat. We have a thermometer on our clock in our room. Last night at 10:00 our room was 87 degrees. Woke up in the middle of the night and my mini battery operated fan (also now my stuff animal because I cuddle it) had died. Sad day. Tonight will be a rough night. We are still healthy, but washing my hands before I eat, ALWAYS.

Got to hit the “soccer field” yesterday. I am getting old, can’t quiet keep up like I used to. They were calling me old and tired, but I love it. So fun to be out in the community, chatting Creole, and laughing at how ridiculous the children are.

Day four tomorrow, almost one week done. Been averaging three cups of coffee a day..hahah. Thank you all for your support, prayers, and involvement with Haiti, Making Roots, and Camp Hope. I will post more pictures when I have a better connection..until then THANK YOU!

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Dell said...

Where are the links to your photos? You must've gone through a lot while beating the heat of the sun! How did you cool yourself down while in your room?

Dell Ledermann