Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Day in Haiti

One of those days that goes down in the books. Camp was priceless, but more so a rainy afternoon in Passe Cataboise was nothing but fun in the mud. Brought the soccer ball down to the field to get in a good game with the kiddos. I arrived to find no one waiting to play ball. Within ten minutes we had two teams and it was a game. Within no time it started to rain, not a light rain, but a pour. When it rains here the mud is insane. Within minutes the ball had a couple layers of mud on it and my sneakers felt like high heels because there was so much mud on the bottoms of them. Thirty minutes later we are all soaked to the bone, laughing, covered in mud, and laughing that probably one of us will get cholera. I know we should not be laughing about that…but considering the way we looked, we were covered in MUD, head to toe. Please Jesus, no cholera!!!! Fun to just laugh with the children and forget about the problems in Haiti, United States, and just be people together.

Got a lot of rain tonight. In the states I would sit on the porch and love watching it fall. When it pours here you pray that it will stop. You think about the lost crops, the people that are on the street, people that live in huts without doors, and the cholera. Hoping it is done for the week.

Tomorrow is our last day of camp. We are having a party for Jesus. Meaning…just getting crazy for Jesus. The pastor tried to tell them to wear their best clothes, we said NO WAY we are getting dirty tomorrow.

Love this place more and more because of the people and children. The neatest moments this week have been enjoying conversation with the people. Makes me stop and think about how much fruitful conversation I miss at home as I get involved in my chaotic lifestyle of work. It has been a challenge this week. How am I making more time for relationships at home? Yesterday I was sitting on the soccer field and one of my favorite little girls came and plopped herself down in my lap. An hour later we were still sitting there and she was smiling away.

Week two starts next week. Here we go…continue to pray for the children, the team, our health, and Haiti. My dad comes next Tuesday. Pray for his travels, changing flights, and time in Haiti. Until next time….

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