Monday, August 22, 2011

NO RAIN! Thank you Jesus!

For the last 6 nights it has down poured in Passe Cataboise. When it rains here you don't go anywhere on the roads the next morning because it takes some time to dry. A down pour here is like 12 inches of snow in the states. You don't go anywhere. Ryna left Saturday at 4 in the morning and the night before it did not rain. Saturday night it poured again. We left today and it did not rain Sunday night. Talk about an answered prayer. Rain every night this week, except the two nights that I need it NOT to RAIN! I had this moment this morning as we were on the bikes. Sometimes I think I, we, people, miss God's answered prayers or because we live in a country where we can almost orchestra anything we don't give God enough opportunities to answer those little prayers.

I love Haiti for that. You are completely dependent on him because you are so far from your comfort zone that you would have no way of knowing to make it work. If it rained last night, the river would have been too high, the roads would have been bad and we would have missed our flight. So grateful for the answered prayer last night. Woke up at 4 to a clear night sky full of beautiful starts. Insane morning. On my bike along it was the driver, me, and a bag that weighed 100 lbs. On Dad's bike it was the driver, him, and another 100 lbs. How these drivers do it, I don't know. Riding on that bike is liking skiing down a mountain of snow moogles. You dodge a rock, dodge a hole, dodge a puddle, dodge a donkey, dodge a herd of sheep, dodge a child. You wouldn't think anyone else would be up at 4 in the morning, I was proven wrong. Women, children walking to the market. Men walking to work. Children herding animals. Made me think about my commute to work. I will never complain again. That 30 minutes in traffic is a bit better than a 2 hour walk to work at 4 in the morning.

Beautiful morning. Love riding on the mottos. You feel like you are in another world and trying to take it all in. Safe and sound in Port-au-Prince and ready to roll tomorrow. Continue to pray for our time in Haiti. A hurricane is supposed to be coming our way, so pray that is doesn't:) Love you all! Will post more pictures tomorrow!

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