Friday, August 19, 2011

Everything You Can Do with a Blue Sheet

So before I left for Haiti my sister told me to bring this random blue sheet. I looked at her with a face like, “Really, WHY?” A random blue sheet, what would I need this for?

Well the blue sheet has been the joke of the weeks. The first day it was our sea for Jesus calming the storm. The second day of camp it was the net for Peter and Andre catching fish. The third day of camp it was our sea when Jesus and Peter walked on water. The fourth day it was the wrappings for the leper that Jesus healed in our skit. The firth day it was the blanket that we carried “dead” Lazarus away in. The fifth day of camp we also ripped it to make blindfolds for when the children were taking a swing at the piñata. Today it became my hankie as I am battling a cold. Without tissues and two hours left of camp I decided to cut a piece off and make it my hanky for the day. I don’t know what is worse, me carrying a hanky for the day or the fact that there was more dirt on it than there was on the floor. Ryna and I continue to joke, “If only our someday future husbands could see us now.” We have had some “pretty” moments..hahah. This would be one of them. Me blowing my nose into a piece of a dirty sheet. AWESOME. Make it work.

Last day of camp tomorrow…the older children are louder and harder, but we are holding fast. We had “school day photos” the other day. Ryna and I made a star backdrop and the each kid was able to take a picture and we are going to makes frames tomorrow. I feel like it was school or prom photos…was trying to hold back the laughter…too cute.

Ryna and I are holding up. She takes off this Saturday to go home and then I will head back to Port-au-Prince for 10 days. She has been a great part in crime on this trip. Great spirit, knows the language, the culture, loves Haiti, and is just fun to laugh with her. She just gave me the best gift ever. For about three years now I have seen this one family wear this shirt that I think is absolutely hilarious. The family has three boys and all three boys have worn the shirt and I have tried to trade a shirt for a shirt last year and never followed through with it. I don’t know how or when I told Ryna about this, but she just walked in with a plastic bag and a bow wrapped around it. It is the shirt. She traded a shirt for a shirt. A picture of the shirt and me is soon to come….the shirt is too good to write, you just need to see it. She has been an amazing sidekick in this adventure and ministry this summer.

Please continue to pray for travels for us. It has been raining cats and dogs here and both Ryna, Dad, and I need to get out of here on Saturday and Monday mornings at 4 in the morning. Rain in Haiti is equal to a foot of snow in the states. When it rains there is so much mud you can’t take a motto and the river is high. It could make for a nasty, hard morning. So please pray for NO RAIN on Friday night and Sunday night. Pray for Ryna’s travels home on Saturday. Pray for our travels out of here. Pray for our time in Cite Soleil. We will be working side by side with some of the locals to run a camp for the children. Excited, but it will be the first we try to do something like this in Cite Soleil. Pray for a covering of safety. Pray that the children would see Jesus in it. Pray that the children would feel the richness of Joy, laughter, and get to feel god’s love through us being there and working together to bring the camp to the city. Pray that the steps are already being aligned to make it work in his perfect plan.

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