Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jesus Music, Hard Core Rap, and the Blazing Sun

Today was a day that goes down in the books. We had about ten people on the wall today working together. So neat to watch people take a hand in the work. Hear peoples opinions of what to add, take away, or hopeful changes for Cite Soleil. At one moment in the day we had about five of our guys painting and jamming to the tunes that were playing in the background. A radio was pumping some music for Jesus and they all sang in sync. In the background our friend was on a load speaker explaining the murals to Cite Soleil. It was priceless. Peter, one of our workers (above) was jamming it out, painting on the ladder, and looking good in his shades. Brought a smile. It was one of those moments that you stop and thank god for the opportunity to be a part of what is going on.

Tomorrow the graffiti artist is going to come and paint up a storm with us. We are pretty excited about that because we want the people to take ownership for this piece of work. We have loved that the local people have been adding their talent and hearts to the project. That was our hope and vision for this project.

Later in the afternoon we made it out to the main street that goes through Cite Soleil. A little bit of a change. Sun blazing, almost lost it. So hot, but we survived. From Jesus tunes to some hard-core rap. The scene completely changed, but made me smile as we had the opportunity to be right in it, with the people, take it in, work and talk with people we did not know. The description is hard to captivate, but it was a moment for the books. Speakers pumping, tap taps flying by, vendors trying to sell goods and then two crazy blans trying to paint in the middle of the city.

Tomorrow we are back at it again. Three more to go, not one is complete, but getting closer. Please continue to pray for time with the people and community. Pray for vision. Pray for strength and endurance. Pray for change in Haiti. Pray for the children growing up to be leaders.

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