Monday, February 21, 2011

Paint, Day 4, Graffiti Artist, and Vision

The days keep getting better and better. This morning we spent time with one of the local leaders and got to hear his vision for his people and Cite Soleil. His passionate heart revealed to us his vision for Cite Soleil, for the children, for the women, and for the elders. He held such passion and beauty as he spoke about his hopeful dreams for Haiti. We are excited to sit down with him in the days to come. Our prayer is that the Lord continues to intertwine our hearts, passions, and callings.

Been such a wonderful blessing to be in Cite Soleil with the people. Today we completed two murals. One on the main street and the other one that is in the center of Cite Soleil. Painting in the middle of Cite Soleil has really allowed us to work with the people and children. Today we had a car of five dudes stop to talk about the artwork. By the end of the day we were taking a picture together. The police have stopped. The children have made appearances. We had one-man today stop to say, “This is what I like, this is what I like.” Been neat to watch people stop, appreciate and talk with our workers and us.

Yesterday when our day was done we decided to draw all the men in and pray together. Today we finished and were quick to pack up in hopes to get the day done, tired and exhausted. Peter said, “Aren’t we going to pray?” Neat to see the relationships develop within our own team. We have laughed a bunch, shared random conversations, and been teachers to each other. Today I got my Creole lessons. Neat to share their language. Has really allowed me to bridge into their lives. Today they told me I was Haitian because I spoke such good Creole. To that I laughed and said, “Lets not over due it.” I told them I was black inside.

Today Caitlin and I sat together as the graffiti artist painted away and I think we were both left in awe and full of thankfulness. Thankful for the opportunity to be here at this moment and be working with God’s children in Cite Soleil. So neat to watch Ado (graffiti artist) work today. By the end of the day the mural was ours. Not the blancs, not the Haitians, but ours and for Cite Soleil, for CHANGE, for Jesus.

Tomorrow we paint again. The wall is bigger, but right in the middle of Cite Soleil. Hoping to play a little soccer with crazy kiddos and enjoy the energy of Cite Soleil. It is amazing how their energy infuses me. I often leave Haiti refreshed and ready to work. Another day, grateful and falling deeply in love with Haiti.

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