Saturday, February 19, 2011

2nd day in Cite Soleil

Day two and we found ourselves on a busy road leading out of Cite Soleil. We started off strong and ended sun burned, swollen elbow, and tired. We had a crew of about 10 men today helping us. This picture captures the essence of the day. We painted, talked, painted, laughed at my broken Creole, and painted some more. Had some interesting conversations with the people passing by, some thought the person Caitlin was painting was Aristide, one thought it was the devil, but we ended the day with a portrait of a beautiful Haitian representing the people of Cite Soleil.

It was neat to see the people that the painting drew out. During our sitting moments it was neat to embrace conversation with the people and talk about the mural. What words to add to the photo? What to draw on the mural? Was neat to watch them take it over. By the end of the day we had a graffiti artist join us and help with the drawing. He was not too fond of the tears that Caitlin was creating on the mural. He decided to contribute his skills. He is coming back tomorrow to work with us.

It has been so neat to be in the streets of Cite Soleil. We have been blessed with workers and men to help with painting and security. Today Caitlin crossed the street and one of the guys that was with us watched her like a hawk. He did not like that. Been neat to form relationships with the team and people. Looking forward to tomorrow as it will be another day on the streets with the people.

Highlight of the day had to be taking an hour to sit with the guys and talk about Haiti. Haiti continues to captivate me. One of our workers and I got into a discussion about Aristide. Was neat to hear him speak about how he does not put his trust or hope in Aristide or Man, only God. His smiles and conversations have been highlights of the day.

Continue to pray for safety and time with the people. Pray for endurance. Pray that God would expand our borders and conversation with the people. Pray for this trip that it might continue to birth vision and fruit for Haiti and Making Roots.

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