Sunday, August 22, 2010


Another day in Haiti….

Camp has been a Joy! The drums have been off the hook. Today we had the pastor of the church, another leader of the church, four of our counselors drumming and all the children running around in a circle singing and playing other instruments. Some might call it noise, but to my ears it was glorious worship and smiles.

Moments of joy, have been acting out plays with the counselors. Today was the parable of the lost sheep. We had Jesus (wilfet), sheep (Caitlin and Leah), the lost sheep (Avery), what a sight we were.

Today was our last day with the 6-9 year olds, hard to think about how a week is already done. Comes and goes so fast. Been really neat to see growth in the team this year. We seem to fit together. Been neat to see the relationships that have formed between the counselors from this camp. Wilfete and Louvenet were not really friends three years ago when camp started, now they interact like brothers. Joking with each other, hugging, sharing stories. Been really neat to see that relationship cultivate.

Today is piñata day. It will be a crazy mess. They always go crazy for the piñata.

Some of the neatest moments this week, teaching Lou and Wilfet how to play UNO. What a riot. I hate the game, but somehow playing with two Haitians and teaching the game in Creole and watching them respond to the game was hilarious. Love them so much. Caitlin and I were reflecting the other night on how much we have gotten to know Wilfet. He truly has become like a brother. The other night we were praying together and Wilfet said he wanted to pray for us. Was neat because about two years ago Wilfet would not pray in front of us. Been beautiful to see the growth of his heart.

Tonight we are taking care of a little 4-month-old baby. Lost his mother during birth. This morning he fell asleep with me, such a sweet blessing to the day. He can’t be bigger than a football. They are waiting to test him for HIV. His mother was diagnosed with HIV before she passed. His eyes are so alert and beautiful. A prayer that his test is clear.

Funny moment of today. Caitlin taught Wilfet the word “bonus.” Bonus is a word that we use when something is really good. Now Wilfet says bonus all the time. He acts just like us. Been a good day!

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