Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp Hope: Another Year of Sweet Surprises

Today we hopped on a moto at 9:30 and headed for Port-de-Paix where we would once again say goodbye to Haiti. I found myself smiling at the richness and beauty of the culture. The little children all waving to me in pure joy, people heading to church in their Sunday's finest, and many people eager to wave. I have fallen more in love with Haiti. The awful roads, the moto rides, crossing the river in a row boat that might sink at any moment, the rice and beans, the love that people pour out, it has caught hold of me once again.

Crossing the river I saw ten boys playing in the most disgusting mud, but all I could hear was the pure joy of their laughter. There is this deep richness to Haiti that is so hard to explain, but the beauty and people of the country has captivated me more and more.

Today as we left all I could think about was, "God is a provider." This whole trip I have seen nothing, but God providing for our team, camp, travels. Today we had 10 squares of toilet paper left, jut enough, we had one more teaspoon of dish soap to do dishes, just enough, I had three dollars to buy crackers, just enough, money for camp, just enough, not too little, not too much, luggage got here, just has been amazing to see how God's provision for our team.

One of the sweetest moments of our time in Haiti was sitting with two of the pastors before we left. We had a chance to share a meal and exchange conversation about what it would look like if they tried to run an after-school camp for Passé Catabois. It was such a neat conversation and answer to prayer. We have been praying that we could come alongside the Haitian people and together we could partner and help equip them to serve their country. It was such a beautiful blessing to watch that begin to unfold.

Tomorrow we are home. Back to AC, back to diet cokes, grocery stores, flat roads, and apples, phones...seems so far away, but on our way. Going to miss the bumpy moto rides, Creole, rowboats, and people. But leaving Haiti with a smile of JOY and thankfulness.

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