Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beidler Sister's and Avery Head to Haiti

Beidler sisters and Avery in the house of Haiti is going great. We had one too many bumps in the road, but we are finally kicking it in Passé Catabois for the camp. Day two of the camp. The highlight of the camp was yesterday; we brought drums this year to jam with the children. This week we have children ages 6-9, they are so precious. We gave them drums and we just jammed. It was so fun. At one point everyone got up and we were dancing around in a circle singing, Jericho, Jericho, Jericho….it was sweet music to our ears. Caitlin and Avery were out of control in dancing, what a sight. A bunch of blancs (that is what they call white people) and a bunch of 6 year olds dancing for Jesus. We have had two great days of activities, sports, and worship.

We have been acting out bible stories for the kids. Today Avery and Caitlin were the thieves in the story of the Good Samaritan. Hilarious to bring life to the stories. Kids are laughing at our silliness, but so worth it. Acting out the stories has brought a different richness to the stories. Another day Louvered was Zacheria and Caitlin, Avery, and I were the angry crowd.

Moments that have been pure joy. We have two friends here, Louvenet and Wilfet who have really become brothers to us. They work for us, hang with us, translate for us, laugh with us. It was funny the other day Wilfet was being a goof ball and as I laughed with him it was so funny to think about how much we are alike. A brother is Haiti. Yesterday I had to go into Port-au-Paix to figure out a goof that was made by the airline here. They sent our bags to the wrong place. So I had to get a motto, Louvenet and Wilfet came along. Picture this, one moto, three Haitians, and one blanc. Now put all those 4 people on ONE BIKE. Bouncing over a dirt road, through three rivers, get a rowboat across the river, hilarious. But pure joy to embrace Haiti together!

Haiti has become more beautiful. The people, their smiles, joy, they’re welcoming us, and it has humbled me. Last night we sat under the Haitian sky and I was amazed by his vastness. So beautiful. Falling more in love with Haiti.

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